In many situations selling  real estate is required along with personal property.  Family Trust Estate Liquidators co-owner Loretta Rezak is  a CA Licensed Realtor who can assist with selling your home at market value. Having your home listed during the actual  Estate Liquidation sale will provide a  tremendous amount of exposure to potential home buyers.  

Dealing with a sale of a home that involves probate, trusts, conservatorship, etc., may require that special experience that Loretta can provide. 

Having a Realtor present during an estate sale can bring a potential buyer. Being present and providing the pertinent information about your property can lead to a possible offer on your home!

Relocating due to a new job, transfer or other personal reasons can be difficult and stressful.Loretta and Team Rezak can provide you with a listing of any type of properties in California and even write up an offer!
less stressful .

Every estate sale and situation is unique.  Estate liquidation planning will be structured based on your particular needs.

Loretta Rezak, Realtor
CA DRE # 01393274

Mobile Contact: (916) 300-8001            

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  • The most important first step is  DO NOT THROW AWAY OR DONATE ANYTHING.

Those old magazine clippings, matchbooks or funny pencil could be worth more than you think.  Your liquidator is a professional and can determining what has value, they will toss what is not useful while setting up your estate sale. 

  • Have items removed that are to remain with the family. This will help the liquidator determine if you have enough items needed to conduct a estate liquidation sale.
  • Have legal documents available if you are an executor or  power of attorney
  • Create a list of missing items so the liquidator and staff can keep a look out
  • Create a list of who does and does not have access to the property.    
  • Keep timer lights on during the evening to keep those unwelcome strangers away. Don't let anyone know the home is unattended. 



Family Trust Estate Liquidators


Preparing for an estate liquidation sale requires tremendous organization, preparation and research. Every client and estate is unique and it is our goal  to provide you with the proper service and rate that will fit your needs.  

Our  commission fee includes:
Standard set up and clean up

On Site Estate Liquidation Services

  • Moderate cleaning inside the home while separating salable items
  • Remove unsalable items and debris to clients agreed location
  • Prepare, professionally display and arrange pricing
  • Photograph items being sold will be posted on the website to advertise
  • Complete set-up and make your home hazard free for the event
  • Provide security camera during the event
  • Advertise and place sale signs (signs removed and installed daily during the event dates)
  • Conduct estate sale based on agreed dates
  • We accept creditt & debit transactions during the sale
  • Pack and move unsold items to a designated location based on agreement

  • Remove remaining items at the end of the sale at the clients discretion (client to remain with items, arrange charity pick up or removal at FTEL discretion. 
  • We may look expensive but we are one of the Lowest Commission Rate in the Area
  • We offer discount rates when providing both Estate Liquidation Services & Real Estate Listing