This is an actual image of our White Peacock visitor. I was surprised to find that the photo resembled more of a water color  print instead of an actual photo when it was developed. The peacock is standing next to the Virgin Mary concrete statue made by my dad. 

Family Trust Estate Liquidators


The White Peacock Story

Mixed emotions today, should I be happy or should I continue to cry.   What a long week, being a new bride last Saturday and here today, seven days later saying good-bye to the first man in my life who I love with all of my heart, my dad.  

Coming home from a hot day in Campbell, CA, after laying dad to rest was exhausting.  Once Greg and I unloaded the car and put things back in its place we were able settled down from our long emotional week. 

Sitting on the couch, I was finally able to privately grieve in the arms of my new husband Greg.  From the side of my eye I noticed a strange beautiful blue green color stride past the half closed window blinds.   I moved out of Greg’s arms asking what is that?  Greg immediately went to the door and said “It’s a peacock, wait, there’s four peacocks, three green and one blue."  I immediately popped up from the couch to see myself when Greg said “Oh my God, it’s a White Peacock”

As I made it to the front door, we both viewed this beautiful white peacock walking around from the back end of the pickup towards our house.   Greg being the good host went into the kitchen to find some cashews to offer our unexpected visitors.

For unknown reasons the weather began to change on our hill, from a sunny day in May to a strange hazy overcast.  Our visitor quietly enjoyed walking around our property in the haze for a few hours until the drizzle of rain began.   Being the leader, the white peacock quietly directed the others into the gazebo for shelter.  After a five hour visit and rain subsiding the white peacock again directed the group toward the dirt road disappeared into the fog.  Not one sound, not a trace of the visit, they were gone and never again appeared.

Greg and I immediately went to our computers and pulled up the “Meaning of the White Peacock” and the first answer appeared reading:

“Resurrection Life, Wholeness and Eternal Life”.

At that moment we both knew that we had just received the best gift ever from our loved ones in heaven and this was their way of letting us know that they’re together and everything will be okay.

When Greg and I decided to start Family Trust Estate Liquidators there was no hesitation in deciding what our logo would be “The White Peacock”, Family Trust.